Gotomentors has been empowering entrepreneurs since 2022, connecting them with the guidance, knowledge, and community they need to thrive in business. With a focus on fostering mentorship, we've facilitated an average of 500+ pairings per year, totaling 2000+ successful connections and counting. Our impact extends across the USA, supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and reaching new heights.

Becoming a Mentor means…

Safe Space: Build trust. Listen deeply, show genuine interest. Create a space for questions, challenges, and growth.

Targeted Guidance: Share knowledge and experience strategically. Don't overwhelm, but offer insights and resources relevant to their needs.

Empowered Learning: Spark critical thinking. Ask questions, challenge assumptions, and provide feedback that fosters independence.

Unwavering Support: Celebrate wins, big and small. Be a source of encouragement during setbacks. Believe in their journey.

The Process

Becoming a Mentor in the Gotomentors Program an easy and rewarding experience. Here’s what you can expect your time, from start to finish, to look like.

Step 1: Sign up
Sign up and get access to our online Mentor Program platform, where you can create a profile & share information about your business, your strengths, and who you think would benefit most from your mentorship.
Step 2: Matches offered
When you search the category to find mentees, you can send a request, or you can choose to let the mentee find you first!
Step 3: Prepare for your Mentee
As you wait to be paired, you can prepare and familiarize yourself with the mentorship process by reviewing the comprehensive guides, videos, and training materials available to you.
Step 4: Meet your Mentee!
Once you are connected, you will be able to text or call them, providing an easy way to connect. This allows both of you to see each other’s availability, making the process simple for everyone.
Step 5: Mentorship begins
Once they accept your invitation, you'll have the opportunity to engage in conversations or schedule calls with them. When we will complete 3 calls, 3 chats and 3 conversation they will become your connection.
Step 6: Option to renew
At the end of 12 months, you can choose to continue working with the same mentee for a further 12 months - should you feel there is more to be shared - or you can stay in the program and mentee a new entrepreneur.
Step 7: Congrats! You're done!
Congratulate yourself! Because sharing your time & skillset to ensure women entrepreneurs get the support & knowledge they need to succeed is something you should be incredibly proud of.

What past Mentors say about their experience

“Mentoring on this platform has been incredibly rewarding. I've had the opportunity to connect with amazing mentees from diverse backgrounds and share my marketing knowledge. Witnessing their growth and seeing them achieve their goals is truly inspiring.”

Sarah Jones

“This platform has opened doors for me to connect with promising young talents across the globe. It's amazing to see their enthusiasm and passion for technology. I enjoy guiding them through technical challenges and helping them develop their skills.”

John Lee

“I started mentoring on this platform to give back to the community and share my entrepreneurial experience. I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of mentees and the meaningful connections I've made.”

Maria Garcia

“Connecting with a mentor on this platform has been a game-changer for my entrepreneurial journey. My mentor provides invaluable guidance and support, helping me navigate challenges, refine my business plan, and connect with valuable resources.”

David Mitchell

Become a Mentor

Support, inspire, and share your experience and insights with a Mentee

Frequently asked questions

The platform aims to connect experienced mentors from diverse backgrounds with motivated mentees from around the world. It facilitates remote mentorship opportunities, enabling individuals to share knowledge, gain valuable insights, and achieve personal and professional goals.

Our advanced matching algorithm considers your interests, skills, goals, and expertise to find the best mentor or mentee for you. You can also filter your search based on additional criteria such as location, industry, and experience level.

Mentoring sessions are conducted online through video conferencing and messaging features within the platform. This allows for flexible scheduling and convenient access for participants regardless of their location.

The platform provides a comprehensive resource library with articles, guides, templates, and discussion forums on various topics related to mentorship, career development, and personal growth. Additionally, mentors can create groups for their mentees to foster focused discussions and provide tailored support.

Yes, the platform is designed with robust security measures to ensure data privacy and protection for all users. We comply with strict data protection regulations and employ industry-standard encryption technologies.